A law enforcement officer’s flashlight is an important piece of equipment.

A flashlight that gets used every shift always needs to work and work well. You need to make quick decisions based upon what you can see, so make sure you are seeing the entire scene. One quick click on the back of a TerraLUX flashlight provides plenty of illumination for you to assess a situation.

LED flashlights for law enforcement

Some TerraLUX flashlights have lamp reflectors that provide good periphery light making them great for room sweeps while others shine a focused, high-intensity center beam for tactical use and engaging suspects. Certain models come equipped with a strobe feature making them ideal for drawing attention during traffic direction or for disorienting a suspect in certain tactical situations. And when you need to set your flashlight down, the TerraLUX body shape prevents it from rolling off inclined surfaces like the hood of your patrol car.

When the TerraLUX flashlight needs fresh power, no need to search your car or run back to the station for specialty batteries. Our flashlights operate on standard AA or AAA alkaline cells found at any corner store, and our patented control circuits ensure your flashlight will provide the brightest possible light even if the batteries are running low or you are working in cold weather conditions.

Do you already have an incandescent flashlight you trust but really want the brightness and efficiency LEDs provide? No problem. TerraLUX offers LED conversion kits for other popular law enforcement brands that can easily convert your trusted flashlight into a TerraLUX-powered LED flashlight. We can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see how much brighter your current light gets.

Every time you power up one of our flashlights, you will see the entire scene clearly so you can leave the scene safely.