I have been using the TT-5 for the past few months now and have been very impressed.  I am a K9 Handler assigned to Patrol with a good size Police department in Northern California, on the graveyard shift.  This is a job with hours of operation that put you in very dark places looking for very bad people! I have been doing this job for 10 years and have always chose not to spare any expense on the light I carried which I see as important as my weapon.  Recently on a K9 deployment looking for a burglary suspect that had broken into a persons large shed in their backyard I used my TT-5 to light up the area.  The backyard was heavily overgrown with multiple danger areas that were concealed by brush and darkness.  The TT-5 did an incredible job with its high setting, illuminating the area allowing me to clear it in search of the bad guy.  With my K9 in one hand and my TT-5 in the other I lit up the shed from approximately 15 feet back.  The light was so focused and bright that I was able to identify the suspect who was attempting to scurry to the rear of the shed like a cockroach after the lights are turned on!  With a now virtual ‘lumen-daylight’ being projected and the sound of a determined K9 bark the suspect chose door #1-Give up before it’s all bad!  I would recommend the TT-5 to anyone in Law Enforcement, Military Operations, Fire, or general enthusiast.  The setting are versatile and with an optional rechargeable 18650 3.7v battery you are set!  You cannot beat the value, the price for this light is a great deal!