TerraLUX product success story…

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I was given a Lightstar 220 over 1 year ago and love it. However, while walking my dog in November 2012, I “lost” my light. I searched high and low and was very upset with losing the great little flashlight. Well….this past weekend I was doing some yard work and guess what I found? My Lightstar 220! It had been lying in my yard for over 5 months fully exposed to winter weather with lots of rain here in Atlanta. I immediately assumed the batteries had probably corroded due to the winter weather and 5 months of exposure outside. I took the unit inside to open it and expected the worst. But to my surprise, the batteries were in pristine condition with zero moisture inside the light. I then reinserted the batteries and turned the light on..and it worked just like new! I was ecstatic to say the least. I told my wife the great news since she knew I had been looking high and low for my favorite flashlight. She said you should contact the company and let them know your story! Well here it is. I am SOLD on TerraLux. Thanks for such a great product.

– Rick B. (Atlanta)

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