TerraLUX Flashlights

Good Morning,
At a local business this past week, I had the opportunity to look at one of your product brochures, brought it home, and perused it cover to cover.  I was not aware such products could upgrade a flashlight to such extremes.  I found a hardware business in Boulder that carries your products, I made my purchase with them, came home and installed them quickly into two of my lights, for the first time in years, I couldn’t wait for darkness to get here.  The products I purchased, were the TLE-6EXB for my Mag light, and the TLE-5EX for my Mini-Mag light.  I need to go back and re-state my previous statement about “upgrading” my lights, this statement is incorrect, they “revolutionized” my lights !  The Mini Mag light looks as if it grew up, the light from this unit is brighter than any light I own, and the Mag 2 cell light, looks as if its now a spot light !  Both of these lights have batteries that are probably 6 months old, not used that much, but not new batteries either.
Sorry to take such a long time expressing my thoughts here, just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your engineering people, business people for “upgrading” hand held lights in general, never thought this was possible.  In my many contacts with hunting and fishing folks, they will absolutely know about your products, and abilities to brighten their ways, providing a better way to see.
Thank you for allowing me to take so much of your time this morning, just wanted to tell you folks how much you’ve improved my life.
Kindest regards,
Jim H.