Encourage Summer Fun with Smart Portable Lighting

Whether your customers are trying to get one more summer excursion in before the weather cools down or they’re year-round outdoor enthusiasts, there are tools that can make every camping or hunting trip a hundred times brighter. Let them know how our rugged, durable LED flashlights are the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

Hike to the edge of the woods without worrying about the fading sunlight. Pitch your tent with an LED flashlight that has extremely high output easily controlled by the click of a button that lets you designate hi/lo capacity. And despite how bright they are, our LED lights are surprisingly low-energy with unparalleled battery life, so adventures can keep going for days.

Taking TerraLUX flashlights on your hunting or camping expedition will fully illuminate your surroundings and allow you to enter unafraid into any situation; whether you get caught in the rain or attacked by a wild boar, our heavy-duty aluminum housings hold strong in even the harshest of environments. And in the event of a disaster, don’t get caught in the dark – the strobe mode available on select TerraLUX models can send out a visual distress signal. Keep adventuring for years to come without worry thanks to our lifetime warranty on all portable LED products.

Encourage your customers to leave behind the city lights this summer and explore the great outdoors. Our comprehensive product line of portable LEDs will keep the path lit from the very first step.